[Leeds] KRS-ONE plus MC SUPERNATURAL Tues 5th October @ Leeds Uni

KRS-ONE plus MC SUPERNATURAL Tues 5th October @ Leeds Uni

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KNOWLEDGE REIGNS SUPREME, or simply “K-R-S” the One; Hip Hop’s greatest live emcee and culture keeper is at it again! Making his usual rounds, beginning in Aspen and Denver Colorado, Reno and Las Vegas Nevada, ending with the Rock The Bells tour taking him from Los Angeles California all the way to New York and then on to Europe, KRS-One finds himself in high demand amongst younger and younger …audiences. Whether it’s his intervi…ews on the BEEF DVD series, or his freestyle appearances on BET’s Hip Hop Awards, or VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors, or the Obama Deception, or his philosophical books, or any one of his online lectures, or U-Tube performance clips, or his seemingly endless stream of recorded music, KRS-One is enjoying an enormous resurgence from a younger audience seeking authenticity in music and lyrics these days. Recently named, “the de facto spokesperson for Hip Hop” by the Wall Street Journal, KRS-One continues to share his knowledge of Hip Hop to younger audiences eager to hear the ‘teacha’ speak.

KRS-One’s concert style is high-energy; A mixture of rap, reggae, spoken word and even classical music, KRS-One reminds you as to why you fell in love with Hip Hop. Always a refreshing break from mainstream rap content, KRS-One delivers an intense street-poet performance that leaves any audience rethinking their approach to Hip Hop and its culture. This year, KRS-One intends to inspire a new generation of DJs, emcees, breakers, graffiti writers, and beat-boxers to take themselves more seriously as official practitioners of the Hip Hop arts and sciences. Embarking on yet another ‘adventure in emceein’, KRS-One is a must see concert and mandatory lecture for anyone really interested in the true nature of Hip Hop and how to successfully live the culture. Classes are now in session—have your tuition ready.

Advance tickets £16 from CATS, Crash, Jumbo, Gigantic and www.leedstickets.com


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