[Radio Show] [Online] BeltDriven Radio Show – Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul & Funk – www.radioreverb.com- Every Thursday 6-8pm & Sat 12am – 2am

BeltDriven Radio Show – Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul & Funk – http://www.radioreverb.com- Every Thursday 6-8pm & Sat 12am – 2am

– Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul & Funk
– Thurs 6-8pm & Sat 12-2am
– Radio Reverb 97.2FM
– Podcasts can be found at pfradio.com

“Beltdriven has been on the scene for probably longer than you might realise… Paul McCarthy’s dub and rare-groove show got hi-jacked late December 2005 by one Ben Harris, who brought in a hip-hop edge, and the two have been the odd couple of radio ever since, once referred to as “The Wogan and Westwood of internet radio”.
Since the two joined forces, Beltdriven has become one of the South’s premier hip-hop shows, with all tunes sourced and selected by the boys themselves.  Whilst playing the newest and best UK tunes is the priority, they also play reggae, some American hip-hop, funk, and those old soul numbers that got sampled and turned into rap classics along the way… The idea is that Beltdriven only plays stuff good enough to go vinyl – ie turntables with a beltdrive, hence the name. Clever word play? Maybe not. Phat tunes, things you need to hear, and the newest and best tunes around? A certainty.
Enjoy the show.”


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