[London] Hip Hop Karaoke 5th Anniversary September Takeover – Thurs 30th Sept @ The Social

Southern Hospitality Presents… Hip Hop Karaoke 5th Anniversary September Takeover – Week 5 – Thurs 30th September

The Social (www.thesocial.com)
Little Portland Street
London, United Kingdom

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This month has been epic! Every week @ The Social we’ve had a packed crowd doing what they do best aka getting on the mic and partying hard. Everyone who’s been knows that not only is it a place to live out your rap fantasies, but is also the best midweek party in town, where you’ll catch people wilin’ out to ‘Get Money’, ‘Move Bitch’ and ‘Ruff Ryders Anthem’ one minute and ‘B.M.F.’, ‘Clarks’ and ‘Streetfighter Riddim’ the next…. We got the most diverse and dopest crowd in London who show nothin but love to all the people who step on the stage.

I got to say thanks to so many people – particularly our AWESOME hosts Bobby Champagne ‘M’ Jnr. and Marc Choice (who are quite simply the best), our super-dope DJs Superix and Davey Boy Smith and J.Bo who has been holding it down in so many ways. To all the people who’ve helped sign-up I owe y’all – Dr. Matt, Anna, Efrat, Julia, Stare Force, James H., Marcus, Akuma and everyone else. To all HHK regulars and Social crew – Blackstar, Maddy, Nolan, Ortis, Zane, Big Dave, Crack Baby, Colin, Gan, Leanne, Sam, Bona, Tim, Carlos, Musa, Valentino, Emily, Amy, everyone else who makes it down and of course Big Floyd aka Young Moolah Baby!

Anyway…we continue on this week. Same time, same place, same price (aka FREE!) and same routine:

1. Sign-up from 6.30pm with BCMJ and crew
2. Southern Hospitality on the wheels.
3. Our homie Prankster on the mic this week!
4. You on the mic!
5. Sagres on the FREE beer.
6. Lewis Recordings (www.lewisrecordings.com) on the free goodies!

Its simple – get there early for sign-up as the list is getting full pretty quick these days.




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