[Bristol] Top Billin’ presents Stig of the Dump & Dr Syntax @ The Tunnels – Tues 19th October

[Bristol] Top Billin’ presents Stig of the Dump & Dr Syntax @ The Tunnels

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Location: The Tunnels Arches 31-32, Lower Approach Road, Temple Meads, Bristol. BS1 6QS

The premier Hip-Hop night in the South West is moving to the livest city in the South West; Bristol. Bringing the finest underground Hip-Hop from around the world to your eardrums. We have got loads of live shows planned for the coming future, starting with this bad boy at The Tunnels.

Check out whos playing at our launch night:

Stig of the Dump & Dr Syntax
Grandeurs of Delusion
G V Clik
The Bastard Sunz
A-KID and Mista Switch
Master Status

Top Billin’ Battle Competition
Hosted by Sleaze

Find Us: http://www.thetunnelsbristol.co.uk/find-us/

Get ya tickets from here: http://www.thetunnelsbristol.co.uk/events/stig-of-the-dump-and-dr-syntax/

£5 before 10.30 £7 after

We love Hip-Hop.
So we try to get as many elements involved as possible. We have got live grafitti by Skillmatik from HGT Collective and Veks. Also if you think you have got skills to beat the Top Billin’ Battle Champion then let us know on the door and put your name down to stand a chance of winning £50. The format is 8 bar for 8 bar continuous over 3 beats. Ill. All hosted by Sleaze with DJisGod, our resident on the wheels. You will be able to cop sika garms throughout the night!

Stig and Syntax

Top Billin’ and Bristol favourites Stig and Synners return promoting their new solo albums…find out more from: http://www.stigandsyntax.com/

Grandeurs of Delusion

Rippin up the decks are these two DJ’s from Brighton, renowned for their skills, ability and their crazy live performances. http://www.myspace.com/djmanipulate

GV Clik

Sleaze, Gramma K, J Man, Unanymous, Bones, five ill emcees hailing fromall over the UK, but based in Plymouth. These boys rip up stages for a living.

The Bastard Sunz

The first proper Brstol show for these boys on the eve of the release of their debut album; “Le Discotheque’ Martyrdom”. Consisting of B’Tol, Milestone, DJ Rogue and Rolla. http://soundcloud.com/btillathecunt

A-KID and Mista Switch

After establishing performing throughout Bristol and South West with Project 13, A-KID and Mista Switch team up to dispaly new solo material. They are currently promoting Mista Switch’s Erb’n’Sider EP, out soon, keep em peeled!

Master Status

Hailing from Wales this DJ has been honing his skills and is ready to impress. http://www.myspace.com/mrmasterstatus


Welcoming DJisGod as the new resident DJ for Top Billin’, he has been working with emcees from all around the world and he is ill. http://www.youtube.com/user/djisgod666

Flyer designed by Skillmatik of HGT Collective


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