[London] The Doctors Orders & Jazz Cafe Present: Das EFX live – Sunday 9th October 2011

[London] The Doctors Orders & Jazz Cafe Present: Das EFX live – Sunday 9th October 2011

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=230966880286655


HMV Tickets: www.hmvtickets.com/events/4195?REFID=MAMA_JAZZCAFEWEB

TicketMaster: http://bit.ly/pUMuok

“Chiggedy-check yo self before you wriggedy-wreck yo self”

Das EFX is an American hip hop duo consisting of emcees
SKOOB & KRAZY DRAYZY. They rose to popularity in the early 90s
through the support of with EPMD’s Hit Squad. The duo gained critical and commercial fame with the release of their landmark debut album ‘Dead Serious’ which highlighted their unusual rapping Jamaican influenced rhyming style which they nicknamed “sewage”. ‘Dead Serious’ went platinum and its lead single, ‘They Want EFX’ reached the top ten on the US Billboard R&B charts.

As their career progressed Das EFX’s distinctive and unique lyrical delivery became more commonplace as other artists, including a young Jay-Z, imitated it. It has also become part of wider Hip-Hop parlance with Dave Chapelle even referencing it in several sketches.

As a reaction the duo slowed down their fast-paced flow, eliminated
the ‘iggedy’ suffix and downplayed the cartoonish content on their second classic album ‘Straight Up Sewaside’. With 3 more albums to their catalogue still they will be rocking this, their debut show at the Jazz Café, with all of their classics from over the years so make sure you are there!



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