Rapper Tag lands in the UK

“Rapper Tag lands in the UK”

Hoochinoo and Dfacer have teamed up to bring you RAPPERTAG UK the online hip hop cypher. Rappertag was originally started in Australia by 360 and its popularity has grown, he describes it as follows;

“The concept of #RapperTag is simple: one person is “it”, they spit a verse, then tag another person who then becomes “it”, and so on and so forth. I started it to see how far it could go, and to see how many different types of emcees it could reach.”
– 360

RAPPERTAG UK has now launched and MYSTRO aka MysDiggi is the first rapper up, he becomes Rapper Tag #1. To see Mystro’s Rapper Tag video and who he tags next go to www.rappertag.co.uk. Stay tuned for more Rapper Tags as the videos and the phenomenon grows.

Hoochinoo has been promoting live hip hop in the UK for the past 8 years, they teamed up with Dfacer, a graffiti artist who has lived in Australia and introduced the Rapper Tag concept to them.  They saw the potential of Rapper Tag in the UK and with all the talented emcees up and down the country they expect this to grow rapidly.

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